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Victorinox AirBoss "Brand New" This is a "Brand New" directly from Victorinox in CT AirBoss 241888 with full five year factory warranty.This watch was sent to me as a replacement for my watch that I had sent in for service.Thanks to Fed Ex my freshly serviced watch never made it to my door.I have no need for this watch as I am...
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Seiko SPB119 BNIB I have had this watch for less than two weeks.The only time that it has been out of the box was to take these pictures.I purchased it "Brand New" from a US AD.Need to control my urges.Warranty card dated 2/25/20.Full kit.As always I urge you to check my feedback. $635 OBRO
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Seiko SKX007 BNIB I purchased this last year "Brand New",put it in the drawer with other watches and actually forgot about it.Just recently I got interested in Tudor.I will be selling a "Brand New"Victorinox DM500 quartz green and a "Brand New"Seiko SPB119 as soon as I can take pics.This watch needs a caring new h...
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Seiko MM200 "Great Blue Hole"SPB083 This is a "Brand New"watch with full factory warranty.It has never been tried on. I ordered this watch when I traded my SLA023 for a GS SBGH001 with a guy in Canada.I received the GS with no hold up.The SLA was pulled by customs in Canada.The recipient refused the watch as he did not want to pay ...
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Seiko SLA023 Purchased "Brand New" from US GS/Seiko dealer.Warranty card dated 11/22/19.I received the first week of December.This watch was worn on the canvas strap shown(which is not included in sale),once on a blue leather strap and was put on a jubilee just to take two pictures(also not included).Everythi...
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Lum Tec C5 I purchased this watch a little less than a year ago.I have worn it six or seven times.Remainder of factory warranty.Full kit from Lum Tec.Cool watch but I have way too many to wear and not enough time to wear them. $365 obro
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Seiko SBDC061 "Brand New" I recently sold my SBDC061 and found myself without a black diver so I ordered this one from Japan.It was delivered last Thursday 8/8/19.I left it at home while out of town until today.Last night I traded one of my dress Grand Seikos for a Seiko SLA021 so problem solved with having a black diver...
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SeikoSBDC063 As seen in picture this watch was purchased "Brand New" February 23 2019.I have worn it on the strap two times and on the bracelet from my 061 five or six times.No scratches or dings on watch or bezel at all.The strap is next to new.Please feel free to message with any questions. $550 OBRO
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Orient WV0121EL OS300 I purchased this watch "Brand New" on March 12 2019.I have worn it several times on a rubber strap(this strap is cut to fit my sub 7 inch wrist and will not be included).The factory bracelet and strap are UNWORN.Included is everything that came with the watch from the dealer. No scratches or ding...
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Seiko SBDC061 I purchased this watch from the first owner on 2/28/2019.I am going to keep the bracelet for future use.The watch will be sold on an original Seiko dive strap from one of my many MM300's that I have owned through the years.The strap has be used on the watch only.I have worn the watch Five times t...
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Omega SMPC Black 21230412001003 I purchased this beautiful Omega from the original owner 11/29/2018.The watch was purchased "Brand New" on July 1 2017 from an Omega Boutique and has the remainder of the International Factory Warranty.(I called Omega to verify before purchasing)Every item that came with this watch when new will ...
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Seiko SBDC053 I purchased this watch from the first owner on 1/31/2019.I have worn it no more than four times.This first owner wore it several more times that I did but did not abuse the watch.The strap does show that it has been worn but the watch is in awesome condition.I always apologize for my poor picture...
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grand Seiko SBGH051 Limited to 35 I purchased this GS "Brand New 2/20/2018 from a US Grand Seiko Boutique.It was sized to fit my 7" wrist.It comes with complete kit as shown in photos.I have worn it 6 or 7 times.This watch was limited to 35 pieces in the United States as a Boutique item only.No problems with this watch at all.I a...
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SBDC053 Seiko I purchased this watch "Brand New" 3/6/2018.It was never worn on the rubber which I have decided to keep.I have worn it on the bracelet that I removed from my SBDC051.I have worn this watch once or twice a month since purchase.As everyone knows I do not do a good job at pictures but no one is dis...
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SBDC059 I traded for this watch this week.I have been trying to turn metal into money for about the last month but have traded several times..That being said.This is a "Brand New" never worn watch.I have had it 2 days and will admit that it looks much better in person.I am tempted to keep it but have alr...
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SBDC059 I traded for this watch back in July.It is "Brand New" never been worn.I thought that I would wear it but don't really have the time and have another watch picked out and ready to pull the trigger.If you are interested in this model you will not find another "Unworn" one for this price.I have sev...
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SKX013 Seiko I purchase this watch for my wife in September from Creation Watches.It was sized to fit her and she wore it ONE "1" time..It has been in her jewelry box since that day.Needless to say we don't need it.It will come with every item that was received from Creation.Watch,all links for bracelet,box,p...
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Subject Price Brand Price Found
Marcello C Hydrox - 2024.1 - ETA Automatic - Sapphire - A... $699.99 - 4 hours ago
Victorinox AirBoss "Brand New" $850.00 Victorinox 2 days ago
Seiko SPB119 BNIB $635.00 Seiko 25 days ago
Seiko SKX007 BNIB $250.00 Tudor 28 days ago
Seiko MM200 "Great Blue Hole"SPB083 $935.00 Deep Blue about 2 months ago
Seiko SLA023 $2,450.00 Seiko about 2 months ago
Lum Tec C5 $365.00 Other 2 months ago
Seiko SBDC061 "Brand New" $730.00 Seiko 8 months ago
SeikoSBDC063 $550.00 Other 9 months ago
Orient WV0121EL OS300 $975.00 Orient 9 months ago
Seiko SBDC061 $635.00 Seiko 12 months ago
Omega SMPC Black 21230412001003 $2,335.00 Omega 12 months ago
Seiko SBDC053 $435.00 Seiko 12 months ago
grand Seiko SBGH051 Limited to 35 $4,350.00 Seiko over 1 year ago
SBDC053 Seiko $635.00 Seiko over 1 year ago
SBDC059 $930.00 Other over 1 year ago
SBDC059 $785.00 Other over 1 year ago
SKX013 Seiko $165.00 Seiko over 1 year ago