OT STOWA Fleiger Klassik 40 No logo no date

25 days ago
FSOT STOWA Fleiger Klassik 40 No logo no date
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Deciding to put up my STOWA Fleiger Classic 40 for sale. I just recently acquired my grail and first luxury watch (Tudor Black Bay ETA), and wouldn't you know now I'm hooked and trying to save for another and also just need to recover some funds. As a result, putting a couple of my more affordables for sale to free some cash. This STOWA is in good but used condition as was a daily wearer. Case is in great shape, but some minor wear on the underside (had a bracelet worn with it) and a good ding on one of the lugs. I've tried to get good pictures for full transparency. Housing an ETA 2824 that is running flawlessly. Comes with the box and booklet and is on a brown leather strap.
Asking $600USD shipped in Canada/CONUS to reflect the condition. I'm located in Victoria, Canada, so certainly happy to do a f2f on the island. Might be interested in a trade deal for a Steinhart - either an Ocean 39 vintage GMT or maybe a 39 OVM/39 Explorer/Ocean One Vintage. Only one reference here on WUS as I'm fairly new, but have an ebay account under the same name since 2002 and more than happy to talk over the phone/provide additional references as needed.