Multiple microbrands for sale

about 2 months ago
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Hi guys, I am culling down my collection to get back into the process of hitting a refresh on the collection. I have owned all these watches, and i am the buyer of these watches. The watches are all in good condition and with some very minor signs of usage. I have kept and treated them well, and now its time for them to go to a nice home, so you can enjoy them as much as i did.
Payment by PayPal (+3%) or Sepa bank transfer.
Shipping costs depend on location.
Watches on the list here are
Lew and Huey Acciona silver and red - 250
Lew and Huey Spectre - 200
Lew and Huey Cerberus - 300
Lew and Huey Phantom - 250
Lexell Granite - 90
Cobra de calibre/Vancouver watch Molon Labe bronze - 300
Melbourne watch company Hawthorn - 280
Armida A1 brass - green dial - 300
TC9-Nav b Uhr pilot A Dial - 200
Prometheus piranha black dial - 300
Benarus Moray 44mm blue -350
Amir watches - 200
Gavox 358.5-Logical stars - 300
Tangramatic Nereid Pacific - 250
WUS project : HMT airavata blue dial - 110
Division furtive type 50 electronic watch - 250
PM me for more information or pictures.
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