Citizen Proximity Hybrid Smart Watch, Black/Green

11 months ago
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Item Description: Citizen Proximity Eco-Drive Hybrid Smart Watch, reference AT7035-01E (link to specs).
Watch is in excellent condition. No scratches or damage to the crystal, back, or body. Only wore it for a few days, just trying to clear out a few items in my collection before some incoming pieces arrive.
Great alternative if you don't need all the features of a true smart watch. Will notify you of calls, messages, facebook, twitter, facetime, etc. (There is a vibration and the second hand moves to indicate what kind of notification you have). Also NEVER needs charged!!! As long as you don't store it in a drawer for months at a time, it will always be good to go, and even if you do, you just have to leave it under a light or in the sun for an hour or so and it will be back up and running. Can also be used without a phone connection as a standard watch with chronograph, calendar, etc.
I used with my iPhone X on iOS 12, so it should work with whatever iPhone you have, not sure about Android as I don't have one to test with.
I posted a picture of the app to use with it as well as a screenshot showing what notifications work with it.
Price: $80 obo, shipped in the Lower 48 (CONUS).
Includes: Watch, box, manuals.
Item Location: Pennsylvania
Shipping Details: USPS with tracking