Casio G-Shock: GD-400HUF limited, DW-6900CB (black and gold), G-8900 blue and black - bargains

about 1 month ago
solar g-shocker
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Chitown, IL

Hey all.
Just clearing out the box a bit.
1. GD-400HUF - limited edition. Good used condition - crystal is clear, minor wear and marks on the bezel. Not original keeper and no box. Just $50 shipped in the US.
2. DW-6900CB - black and gold, really pops. Decent used condition, crystal looks and feels clear. Even with a negative display it's easy to read. LOUD beeps and strong backlight. I'll give it a better cleaning once I find my watch toothbrush. Asking just $30 shipped in the US.
3. G-8900A - black and blue - amazing blue display. Really pops! Pretty worn, with marks on the band, bezel, etc. I can't see any marks on the crystal, but I feel a little with my finger nails. This would be a great pool watch or beater. OR put some new resin and make it a one-off! tiktox has lots of options for this model. Asking just $30 shipped in the US.
Would love a package deal to save on shipping. Open to offers.