2004 Yamaha FJR1300 ABS, 14xxx miles

over 2 years ago
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A little over 14000 miles on this loaded ABS-equipped FJR.
$4250, 1% to BARF if it sells to a BARFer.
Some would say it’s not even broken in yet.
How loaded is it?
It’s got factory side AND top cases single keyed (to ignition), 3 windscreens including a honking big one, full-sized factory cover, factory side case duffle bags, Helibars, Footpeg lowering links, Givi tanklock tank bag-ready.
Speaking of ready, this machine will take you across the country and back as is, at triple digit speeds, without breaking a sweat, at 40-45 mpg.
Just needs you and whatever you can pack in 3 full cases.
I took this machine on an 8 day, 4000 mile ride to the Quincy Rally, then through Nevada, Utah, some Arizona, and back over the central Sierras.
Slab, sweepers, twisties, goats, snow/hail/sleet, rain, 35-105 degree air temperatures.
Comfortable, confidence-inspiring, and solidly competent through all of it.
There were many opportunities for the above-mentioned triple digit speeds, none of which I will admit to experiencing, but if I had I would attest to this machine’s rock-solid stability and comfort at all speeds.
I also used this as an everyday commuter 60 miles roundtrip up and down the peninsula through the infamously wet-n-windy winter of 2016-2017.
Splits nicely and easily for such a big machine.
I’m the third owner, picked it up September 2016.
The first two owners kept the bike RIDICULOUSLY clean, never dropped it, and put a total of 5k miles on it.
Which means I can account for virtually all the apparent wear and tear.
Speaking of which, the only wear/tear badge I’m not proud of is a little rash from a 0.005 mph right side tipover as I was learning how to take this machine off its center stand.
Right side photos show the extent of it.
Why am I selling it?
This is a great bike and I now know I like the sport-touring segment, but I’d like something lighter (like maybe, err, an ‘11 or ‘12 Multistrada S Touring. . .).
The FJR’s supremely competent, but it’s a little. . . heavy.
I don’t have maintenance records for the first 5k miles, but I’ve taken care of the following in the 9k I’ve put on it:Engine oil & filter change (3x)
Shaft drive oil change (2x)
Brake fluid flush, front & rear
New tires at 8.8k miles (the new Dunlop Roadsmart 3s)
In case you missed it above, this specimen comes with:Clean, clear title in hand
Registration good until July 2018
Single (Ignition) Keyed, factory color Yamaha Side AND Top Cases
Yamaha Inner/Duffle bags for Side cases
Yamaha Full Cover (including top case) - really clean / hardly used (bike stored in garage)
HeliBars Risers
VStream Windscreen (BIG/WIDE) + Extra OEM Windscreen, neither installed
Footpeg lowering links (not installed), ~3” drop (scrape pegs to your heart’s delight)
SAE 12V connector (for accessories, battery tender, etc)
Givi Tanklock Tank Bag Fitting Kit (Model BF05) - flange itself not included (stays with me)
Spare set of 4 fuel injectors
Tires: ~70% tread remaining on front and ~50% on back

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