2006 Suzuki GZ-250

about 1 year ago
Available on
Bay Area Riders Forum
Portola Valley

Currently around 21,190 miles
Located in Portola Valley
Title in hand, registration good through 12/19
Leaving California, must be sold before end of June
$1,199 OBO and open to negotiations
A shrunken cruiser, this bike seems normal until an actual cruiser pulls up alongside and you realize it is twice as big. At 249cc, the GZ-250 is utterly underpowered. Wheelies are not an option.
At 70 mph, a speed you can only achieve if you are going downhill, if the wind is at your back, and if Mercury is in retrograde, the amount of vibration on the bars turns the mirrors into a blur and your brain starts richocheting off your skull a hundred times a second.
There is a small amount of faux chrome that has enthusiastically turned to rust--the mirror stems, the tops of the rear springs, etc.
The bike has also been a constant source of joy for me since I bought it six years ago and started riding again. For four years it was my daily commuter, and I got more happiness out of my 10-mile trip to work than I would have thought possible. The engine has been more or less bulletproof.
If you have someone in your life who might want to start riding, this bike might be ideal. It's light and forgiving. If you drop it, don't cry, just pick it up and keep going.
Mechanical details:Both tires have a little life left
Chain, clutch cable, and choke cable replaced within two years or so
I am the second owner, bought it with 750 miles on it
Has never gone down, dropped it once while stationary
Has never leaked oil but every couple of years an o-ring seal at the camshaft starts seeping oil; it costs ~$100 to get it replaced if you don't do it yourself.
I'm traveling and won't be able to show the bike until after 6/4.

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