2018 Multistrada 950

6 months ago
2018 Multistrada 950
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Cobb, CA

Greetings Barfers,
This bike belongs to my husband and I.
He has decided to sell it.
For Sale
2018 Multistrada 950 - $12,500
My best friend and partner in crime passed last December. He left a large hole in my life. He also left me his several motorcycles. It's only been the last couple of weeks that I've had a chance to start playing with his toys. All are nice, as you'd expect, but I find the Ducati may be the one I let go, simply because of the seat height. It drives wonderfully, but when time comes to stop (road sign, CHP, suicidal squirrel) my feet and the ground have difficulty meeting.
The bike is a 2018 Ducati Multistrada 950. He had added (out of the Ducati catalog naturally) the 'Urban' package, which includes the colormatched topcase/rack, and a Tanklock quick-release tankbag (both by GIVI but Ducati branded). Also added were a GIVI touring windshield (taller & wider than stock), and a set of the wicked-bright Ducati LED driving lights. The bike has just over 8500 miles total, and if it has a flaw I've yet to find it (other than my legs not reaching the ground!).
New this whole package was well north of $16K new. I'm asking $12.5 and am pretty firm on that figure. You could try and argue me down, but as my wife will testify, I have poor listening skills at curiously strategic moments...
Send a p.m. for more information.