78 Sho Bud LDG 2600

over 1 year ago
Brett Resnick
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Steel Guitar Forum
Tennessee, USA

For sale is my 78 Sho Bud LDG. It has been well kept and off the road since I have owned it. This one blew my last LDG out of the water with the tone and playability. Buck Reid set it up for me. The stop on the 2nd string is as solid as my Zum Hybrid and he even has a nice feel stop on the first string F#>G timed out. This has the Gumby headstock, dust catcher fretboard, and the original single coil pickup. The switch on the side, that is a kill switch not a coil tap. Hate to see this one go it really does have that great Sho Bud tone. Price is 2600 buyer splits shipping. Case has been worn some for sure but does the job.