2 ea. Zum S/C Wide Mount Pickups [reduced to $77.50]

over 1 year ago
Jerry Overstreet
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Steel Guitar Forum
Louisville Ky

I have 2 Single Coil Wide Mount pickups to sell. Both pickups leads exit in the center of the bottom plate and both worked fine when removed from the guitar.
One of them was in my D10 Zum when I bought it somewhere around 2008. It measures 16.54-16.63K .
The other one was sold to me as a Zum pickup by a respected forum member. It measures about 16.75K
DC resistance. This one has a repaired lead wire at the base of the bottom plate where you see the shrink tape. It works fine.
Here's the original one that I took out of the Zum: Lead is a little over 11".
Good condition with string mark at 10. $50 + $7.50 shipping.
16.54K .
Here's the repaired one that was sold to me as a Zum unit.
The hot lead has been repaired just below the plate. It works just fine and I just now checked it for continuity. It measures 16.76K . 12" lead. I'll take $35 for it +$7.50 shipping.
Take them both for $77.50 shipped in conus.
Money order only. PM for contact and questions, etc.