99-00 Toyota COP's $150 obo

about 1 year ago
99-00 Toyota COP's $150 obo
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Huntsville, AL

I bought these from Trackspeed engineering about a year ago, but they no longer seem to carry them.
They're only for an NB1, I believe?
The dwell is supposed to be 3.5 during startup and 3.0 with engine running.
I was using this on a non-boosted car, running NGK ZFR5F-11 spark plugs.
I was told that I didn't need COP's and to run stock coil packs.
So, that's what I ended up doing.
They looked very nice on my car and it ran great with them installed.
I paid $220 for it, but will sell for $150 obo.
IMG_20190616_173136773 by Jason M., on Flickr
IMG_20190616_173143480 by Jason M., on Flickr
IMG_20190324_171603242 by Jason M., on Flickr