Pair OEM Fiat 124 Leather & Microfiber Heated seats

3 months ago
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For Sale: Fiat 124 Spider Leather & Microfiber Heated seats (NON-Bose) [Will fit in Mazda MX5 ND1\2 no problem] *NOTE: Airbags NOT included Heated Info: These seats are heated – if you already have heated seats, then plug and play. If you do NOT have heated seats, GOOD NEWS, the wires already exist in your car, you need to just order the new switch to have heated seats in your car.
RF Part#: NC0A-55-260A
Soft-Top Part#: NA1L-55-260A
($100-$150 depending where you order from)
Airbag Info: Airbags are not included, but you can easily swap them from your old seats to the new seats. You can also order new airbags but they are not cheap:
Left Airbag Part#: NA1J57KB0A
Right Airbag Part#: NA1J57KA0A
($360 - $500 each, depending where you order them from)
Headrest Speaker Info: While these are non-Bose, all that means is that the passenger side will NOT have speakers in the headrest (the passenger side headrest are not perforated either, so there isn’t an easy way to add speakers in it). The driver side seat speakers will still work as it did with your Bose seats without issues.
The wiring plug is still the same on the non-Bose and Bose; and will plug up regardless of audio system. The speaker resistance of the Bose and Non-Bose seats both measured at around 4ohms.