Megan Racing Front and Rear Swaybars w/DST lateral locks $175+shipping

2 months ago
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I have a set of Megan Racing Swaybars that were on my car for about 4k miles. They have light surface scratches from mounting and dismounting that disappear when I wipe the bars down with a wet cleaning wipe, indicating that the scratches are only clearcoat deep.
Front diameter 25.4mm Hollow
Rear diameter 15mm Hollow
Rubber bushings (noise, grease, and maintenance free)
DST front and rear Lateral Locks ($40 dollar value)
The supplied rubber rings and clamps meant to act as bushing stops supplied with the Megan front bar seem flimsy so I never used them but they will be included. The rear bar doesn't come with collars or stops at all from Megan, so the DST locks are a necessity.
I upgraded to Progress 28mm hollow/16mm solid swaybars and honestly, not counting the effects of the Progress rear reinforcement brackets, the Megan bars at their stiffest endlink holes front and rear are about the same stiffness as the 28mm bar at the middle hole and the rear bar in the softest setting. I had to use the stiffest settings of the Progress bars F/R to feel like they were a significant improvement over the Megan bars. One apparent reason is the stiffest endlink holes on the front Megan bar create shorter effective lever arms than the Progress front bar at the middle and softest holes.
Plus, the rubber bushings supplied with the Megan bars don't squeak or creak at all vs the Poly bushings of the Progress bars that will eventually need re-greasing to stay quiet. Also, the Progress bars with poly bushings ride harsher and transmit more tire and road NVH through the cabin because of their stiffness.
Not as ultimately stiff as the bigger bars, but close, quieter, and maintenance free. A good set for daily real world use.
$175 plus shipping.