Lots of Revlimiter stuff for an NB for cheap.

5 months ago
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Huntsville, AL

I had most of Revlimiters stuff on my car for less than 6 months.
I'll sell everything for one lump sum or I'll separate all, I just don't need any of it, anymore.
Black Retro Window Switch w/everything needed to wire up.
$70 plus shipping.
IMG_20200309_101502782 by Jason M., on Flickr
Prototipo (White Version) Gauges w/I think everything needed to install them.
$60 plus shipping.
IMG_20200309_102224407 by Jason M., on Flickr
Horn Buttons (1 Modern M and 1 Red Elanore)
$20 each, plus shipping.
IMG_20200309_102624814 by Jason M., on Flickr
IMG_20200309_101757214 by Jason M., on Flickr
58mm (I think?) Red/Black Elanore Front Bumper Badge.
$20 plus shipping.
IMG_20200309_101515766 by Jason M., on Flickr
Retro Shift Plate (6-speed NB), comes with screws & Allen wrench $10 shipped.
IMG_20200309_101658840 by Jason M., on Flickr
Roadster Door Sill Inserts (used, but still super sticky) $10 shipped.
IMG_20200309_101959166 by Jason M., on Flickr
Four (4) Center Cap Inserts (Modern M style) 45mm.
I know they'll fit Advanti Center Caps.
$40 shipped.
IMG_20200309_102507946 by Jason M., on Flickr