White '93 with Pacomotorsports Lift

3 months ago
White '93 with Pacomotorsports Lift
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C'Ville, VA

Central VA (Charlottesville/Richmond area)
When special people come into our lives, they create lasting memories and experiences that are sometimes so great that it becomes impossible to think of our lives without them in it.
That's how I feel about this car.
I purchased my White 1993 Miata with a silver bumper from Expoline Auto in New Hampshire in August '18.
It has stock suspension, no AC or power steering with a stock LSD and was solely meant to be a commuter car to keep miles off of my 10ae as I drove to and from work in Boston.
As winter approached, I changed the transmission and diff fluids, dropped in a K&N filter, did a shifter rebuild and installed some LED headlights.
Next, I popped in the tap turn LED module and did LED's on the taillights, reverse lights and turn signals with the switch-back LED's up front. I got a little antsy and installed a Racing Beat header RoadsterSport 3 exhaust from Goodwin and installed the Pacomotorsports 3" lift.
I sourced a BRG hardtop that was meant for an NB (because the defrost connection isn't for an NA) and drove it all winter.
It plowed through the New England winter without any hesitation and after a few oil changes and almost 10k miles, I realized I had fallen head over heels for my Yeti.
I installed a new Kenwood headunit so I could hook up my phone and new door speakers.
Next came the Forever door panels from Etsy and draped some fun Big Foot and Yeti fabric over them.
The car has turned into an absolute riot, with people pointing and waving almost every time I take it out for a spin.
I've recently moved back down south and downsized from a house with plenty of parking to a location that doesn't allow for as much as I need.
The wife said I could buy a motorcycle but that meant kicking her out of the garage and if I did that, I had to get rid of the Yeti or my 10ae.
With the lack of space for all my toys, I have to say goodbye to something and sadly, it is this little monster.
Mileage is currently at 147k and will go up slightly as I drive it once or twice a week.
Mechanically it is pretty solid and has ran like a top.
No drainage rust like you see with higher mileage Northeast cars.
There are some tender spots, but overall it is a beauty. New brakes rotors and pads as well as fluid was completed 4 months ago and the car will come with two sets of 14" wheels (one set is hollow spokes with snow tires mounted) for the new owner.
It burns a small amount of oil, but nothing to concern yourself with.
I replaced coolant lines and flushed the system as well.
As much as I love this car, I know that somebody else is going to get as much enjoyment from it as I have.
If I had a building to park all of my toys and had the time to drive them all, I would probably keep this car for the rest of my life.
Welcome this car into your life and prepare to fall in love with the Yeti.
You will be amazed at how much personality a bunch of car components can contain and how this little car can enrich your day to day life by creating experiences with you.
$4,200 and the hardtop sells with car or after if new owner doesn't want it.
Soft top functions perfectly.