NEW PacoMoto Product! Seat Lowering Brackets for the ND!

23 days ago
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Hey Peoples,
I'm super excited to announce this one...
I developed these on my personal '17 RF.
I'm not very tall, only 5'11", but a little on the longer-legs and shorter-torso side.
I commute to the shop 40 mins each day, usually in my RF.
I have to say these have improved my driving experience as well or better than any other mod.
I'm in a better position to cruise AND I feel more engaged in spirited and track driving.
In a nutshell, these brackets replace the factory sliders and lower the seat bottom 1.25".
They also save 6.5lbs PER SIDE.
You lose the quick release sliding fore/aft, but they can be loosened with a wrench and repositioned/re-tightened in 2-3 minutes if necessary.
Only $89.99 per side!
Check out all the details and link to the complete installation instructions on the product page: