Mint OEM British Racing Green Hardtop - Charlotte, NC

4 months ago
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Charlotte, North Carolina

The demise of BRG #1463 means it's time to begin selling off parts that don't match its replacement, starting with the hard top. Priced at $1,750 for local pickup, or I'm willing to trade for an equally minty MSM Titanium Gray hardtop.
Yes, my BRG was an NA, but this was actually an NB top from a 2001 Special Edition. My car didn't come from the factory with a hardtop, and the quality of this NB top - which had been garaged and rarely used - was just too good to pass up. Unlike the NA, the NB BRG is clearcoated, but because of the gap between the fenders and the top, you don't notice - the color match is excellent for either NA or NB. The NB top also adds liner and defrost of course.
There is one noticeable chip on the passenger side. Some people are really particular about their touchups, so I'll leave that to you if you're one of those, or I may do it myself if the top doesn't sell quickly - I'm not in a hurry. For full disclosure I've taken closeups of a couple other miniscule spots as well, but you'll only notice them when washing they car - the paint and clearcoat are otherwise in glorious condition.
The glass window was professionally tinted, which looks great and makes a huge difference when the low winter sun is behind you. The latches used in hardtops for the 2001 SE (and many other NBs) were the ones that infamously don't stay closed, so I used flash9's excellent screw fix to permanently resolve that known issue. All weatherstripping and seals are watertight and in excellent condition.
I'm willing to drive a reasonable distance to meet you halfway if you're in the Southeast and paying full price. I'll also be driving to New Jersey at the end of June, but bringing it up north with a full family in the minivan would be painfully tight, so add $100 if you want that PITA delivery!