LED side/corner lights from Flyin' Miata

7 days ago
Available on
Flyin' Miata

We'll admit we've been running LED lights on more and more of our cars here at FM, so it's time to share.
These corner and side marker lights are available in either smoked or clear. Either way, you get rid of the contrasting red and orange on the side of your car. It's one of those changes that just looks right, even if you don't notice it.
I mean, who's going to argue with this?
Or this?
But you want these lights to work. These COB (Chip On Board) LEDs are super-bright, and the housings are not adapted incandescent housings with an LED "bulb" stuffed inside. They're very high visibility, even the smoked ones.
Check out how bright they are compared to the stock parking lights here.
Available for the NA, NB and ND. Unfortunately our manufacturer doesn't offer an NC variation right now. And yes, we know we don't have any NB pictures in the writeup at the moment because that car had an alignment appointment today...
LED corner lights for the NA/NB
LED side and corner lights for the ND

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