Engine for Sale: '74 2.7

over 2 years ago
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Tampa, FL

I acquired a '76 911S last year. It has a 2.7 from a '74. The engine turns over by hand but, I hadn't really tried too hard to get it started. The car had been sitting for some time and I didn't want pull a bunch of junk through the fuel system. I'd say it should be rebuilt, as it's been sitting for about 8 years and has some oil leaks. The previous owner said it ran fine when he put it away, which is pretty irrelevant at this point. I feel the need to disclose that it was rebuilt by a not so reputable shop in Southern California about 9 years ago. So, please be aware that a complete tear down is a very likely possibility.
I'm replacing it with a 3.0 liter so there a few things I'll need from the 2.7 but for the most part it's complete. I'll be keeping the flywheel and I think a couple of sensors(still have to do some more reading on that)
The case number is 901.101.102.7R
Engine serial is 6144319
I have a few pictures attached and can get more if anyone needs them.
I'm located in Tampa, FL. The engine is currently still in the car and will be removed shortly. $4500 B/O
I'll answer any questions as best as I can. Thanks for looking.