Furuno 1721 Mark 2 24 Mile Radar

over 3 years ago
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Furuno 24 mile 1721 Mark 2 Radar. 18" 2KW dome. Was working perfectly when I took if off my boat earlier this year. Radar dome cable shows slight discoloration and some paint. All cables, display unit and dome included.
The 1721 Mark-2 is a compact radar designed for small fishing boats and pleasure craft. Radar targets are presented in 8 shades of green on a 7" CRT.
Standard features include an EBL and EVRM, Echo Plot, Guard Zone Alarm, Off-center and Watch Mode. Continuous and automatic control of receiver tuning ensures optimum performance and target detection while keeping overall radar operation simple. The Guard Zone Alarm offers aural and visual alarms when a target enters/exits a user-defined area. The Economy Mode feature reduces power consumption during standby.
When connected to appropriate sensors outputting NMEA0183 data, the 1721 Mark-2 displays the following information: ship's position in Lat/Lon or Loran-C TD's, cursor position in Lat/Lon, ship's speed and course/range/bearing to the selected waypoint and Lollipop waypoint mark.