500 inch spread port big block chevy

14 days ago
500 inch spread port big block chevy
Sea Mark
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I have everything except for rods and pistons to assemble a 500 inch bbc, there are some very high end parts that have not been run since freshening up, parts list as follows
Bowie block, 4.600 bore, filled to the water pump, bushed lifter bores
Bryant 3.75 stroke crank
jesel belt drive
gm symmetrical port heads done by EPD, titanium valves, jesel rockers
dry sump pan, weaver pump
solid roller cam, isky lifters, 7/16 push rods
head and main studs
sheet metal tunnel ram with dominators
$7500, make offer, Mark (209)-747-2715

2012 SYLVAN 8525
Fort Lauderdale,FL,USA