BBC Parts, Intakes, Fuel Pump, Accusump, and more...

about 2 years ago
David 519
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Cleaning shop after completing the Bezer build. All prices plus the ride. Call/text David 9two5 595 4two44 anytime before about 9p PST.
BBC/SBC High Performance Mechanical Fuel Pump. I believe it's a Holley and it was on my Super Stock motor. Easily kept up with 650 HP. Comes with push rod and regulator as pictured. $75
BBC Factory Aluminum High rise with adaptor. This also was off my Super Stock motor and has the "legal" cut out in the plenum. It's a spread bore flange with the 4140 adaptor like they all have. No leaks, no stripped threads. It's painted gray and has no issues. $100
Dart Tall Deck Intake, 4150 flange with a 4150-4500 adapter. Since I took these pics, I painted it silver so it wouldn't stain if something got on it. It's essentialy the same color, just a bit shinier. I'll try to post a pic of it now... Very clean manifold, no stripped holes, all original, no porting. $175
Accusump, 3 quart as pictured with gauge, valve, and clamps. $125
BBC 1.7 Roller Rockers with Poly Locks. Used but very nice condition. Poly locks are new. Not sure what brand they are but were on a decent
motor from a jet boat with only a bit over a season on it. $100
BBC Intake Spacers so you can use a standard deck intake on a tall deck motor. Comes with end plates. $80