Dickinson Newport Cabin Solid Fuel Heater (Used)

over 4 years ago
Dickinson Newport Cabin Solid Fuel Heater (Used)
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Located in New Orleans - I have a Hans Christian 38, so if you have something of equal value I might be able to use feel free to send me a message. Otherwise, asking $500 (new with all accessories is well over $900).
Stainless steel heater puts out up to 7,000 btu's of dry heat and provides an attractive, fireplace effect. It burns charcoal, wood, fire logs, pellets or other solid fuels and features a slide up/down fireplace grate with a decorative nautical-themed tile, replaceable inner liner and a removable ash drawer to make cleaning easy.
Includes all 3" stainless flue accessories shown:
Two 22" long 3" Flue Pipes
10" long 3" Flue Pipe
3" Stainless DP Smoke Cap
3" Deck Fitting with Dress Ring (One dress ring is new)
3" Stainless flue guard (New)
Heat Source: Solid fuel
Btu: Low-3,000; High-7,000
Material: Stainless steel
Dimensions: 7.75"W x 14.7"H x 7"D