Sestrel Moore Yacht Compass, complete - original box

over 1 year ago
Sestrel Moore Yacht Compass, complete - original box
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I listed this unit on eBay as well so if you want to use eBay's money back guarantee, it's listing 142921122530. A direct sale through this forum will be cheaper.
The location of this compass is in Jacksonville Florida. The price is only 230 USD
Sestrel Moore compass in used but very good condition. Beautiful vintage and original high quality compass for a nice old yacht. Full bronze brass and copper. Polish-able but much nicer left alone.
This is the yacht compass to have if you're fond of British made quality products. This design ruled the European yacht market for more than 20 years. T-h-e best and yet totally unknown in the States. Own something everybody notices as beautiful but unavailable to get. Believe me, it does and will stand out, even in your living room as an artifact.
It's a fully functional piece of equipment! You can NOT sail without a compass no matter how many phones with GPS's you have on board. It works no matter how big the waves are. No electricity, no satellite, no computers, no plotters, no Democrats or Republicans. It works and will continue to do so.
Most complete and perfect deal you'll find! Comes complete with
- foot
- cover
- original box
- lock-in LED compass light.