VERY RARE Victorinox Swiss Army Airboss Mach 6 VI LIMITED EDITION 241308 Special 45mm

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FS: VERY RARE Victorinox Swiss Army Airboss Mach 6 VI LIMITED EDITION 241308 Special 45mm
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Up for sale is my beautiful LIMITED EDITION MACH 6 - 312 / 333 EVER MADE BY VSA 45mm timepiece in excellent condition. AD warranty cards and box included. The watch is currently sized for up to an extra-large 8.5 inch.I cant stress this ENOUGH, of all the Mach 6's I have seen, held, or owned in years past (owned 3 others), this one IS BY FAR the best, cleanest, most well maintained I have EVER witnessed! Look at the original band, which appears almost new! This buffalo leather band is not a replaceable part as VSA never made others. Trust me, none exist...I looked globally and you will NEVER find another in this condition. Also, the case is near mint. There are perhaps a couple micro marks, but everything is crisp, clear, and precise...including the double sided watch crystal antiglare which is PERFECT! These watches antiglare was known to break down over time...again, you will NEVER find another in such near mint condition. Look at the couple others listed here on ebay...very poor examples imho and they are not refurbishable. Unlike almost all the ebay sellers here this is my personal watch and these are actual photos of the watch for sale! Many sellers here are using stock photos of watches not even in their possession, so buyer beware IMHO.Best yet, this timepiece has been upgraded with a brand new custom strap from Combat Straps, Aaron Bespoke, in Montreal Canada. He is the BEST!!!
If interested dont delay contacting. Once its gone you'll never see another online IN THIS CONDITION. Interested parties are welcome to contact me. Im also happy to meet in person if local. I am a loving WIS and have years of transactions on TRF, watchuseek, and ebay (100% feedback 14+ years) with a flawless reputation. Happy watch hunting to all! :)
Asking $3295 obo.....Email: [email protected]To learn more about the very, very special watch please read the article below from my good friend, the watchhunter. Enjoy and hope to find this piece a great home. Its been my second go around with the watch and I realize now Ive enjoyed it all I can, time to allow someone else to enjoy it. Take care all...
NO TRADES, SHIPPING CONUS ONLY.Every once in a while, a watch manufacturer creates a watch that is so outrageous, that even many years later, it is remembered with great fondness. Victorinox Swiss Army did such a thing in 2008 when they released the baddest Airboss of them all. Of course, I am talking about the Victorinox Swiss Army Airboss Mach 6 Power Gauge 2008 Limited Edition that has to be one of the most audacious watches that Victorinox Swiss Army ever made. Just look that this beauty (or brute depending on your tastes).The 2008 Airboss Mach 6 Power Gauge LE is not a watch for shy people. In fact, this watch is kind of like a slightly drunken loud talker in a fine dining establishment. You can try to act like you dont hear him, but you know that you wont be able to ignore him forever. Eventually, you have to look at the commotion. Once you do, you cant take your eyes off of it.Victorinox Swiss Army has historically been known to make limited edition watches that have special features that elevate them above the standard issue models. This particular watch, model #V.241308, is one of the most special due to its complexity and its unique dial. While some limited editions only alter a few features of an existing watch model, Victorinox Swiss Army pulled out all the stops to make this limited edition (LE) one of the most complicated models ever.In a previous article, WATCH SLEUTH: The Mystery of a Loose Dial from Victorinox Swiss Armys 2008 Airboss Mach 6 Power Gauge Limited-Edition, I go into great detail about the complexity of the dial and the skill that was required to make it. I encourage you to read it to learn more about the M6PGs fascinating dial construction.The Airboss Mach 6 Power Gauge was one of the first watches that I remembered seeing with most of the dial components fully lumed including the bezels tachymeter scale. It is spectacular at night.The Airboss Mach 6 Power Gauge has many innovative features designed to give it massive wrist presence. Starting with the size, this watchs case measures 45 mm wide, and about 50 mm if you include crown! The height is almost 16.5 mm, which is not necessarily out of the ordinary for a chronograph, but it is considered tall. The lug-to-lug distance is about 54.5 mm, which is substantial. A wide watch can feel like it is hanging over the edges of your wrist. That measurement is almost as wide as my entire wrist! This watch is large, wears large, and it is proud of it. It will not fit everyone, even if we want it to.Watch sizes go in and out of fashion going from small to large and back again. In 2008, Victorinox Swiss Army had several 45 mm wide watches in their catalog. This Airboss Mach 6 Power Gauge was part of the Airboss Mach 6 series of pilot watches. The Limited Edition Mach 6 is not much larger than its siblings, but it certainly steals the thunder from the others. With a $4,000+ MSRP, it should.Youll notice that the 2008 Airboss Mach 6 Power Gauge is the only Airboss Mach 6 that has a Black Ice gunmetal PVD case. This darker color helps to visually slim the watch, but it does not do a thing to make it feel lighter. Mine weighed in at 4.8 ounces, but I cannot remember if that was on the makeshift metal bracelet or not. The previous owner figured out that a PVD bracelet from a Victorinox Swiss Army Infantry Vintage Automatic Chrono would fit this case. Im mentioning this in case any future owners reading this article are interested.Another thing that made this watch so special is what was inside, specifically the power gauge. I should probably qualify that before caliber hawks swoop down on me. The movement in the Airboss Mach 6 Power Gauge is a 25-jewel Valjoux 7750 that has a power gauge module added to it. The movement is decently finished with a custom rotor and blued screws. A needle on the gauge indicates how much the mainspring is wound. It gives a general indication of how much power is left in the watch before it stops. The power reserve is about 42-hours, which is typical for the movement.The Airboss Mach 6 Power Gauge came with an irreplaceable black buffalo leather watch band with a signed Black Ice deployant buckle. This band is as rare as the watch with only a few having been made. You can use a modern black leather Airboss strap, but its simply not the same. The leather will be smoother and thinner, plus the hardware will be brushed stainless steel. There will not ever be any exact replacements available from Victorinox, period.For this reason, I stored the strap in the box and wore the watch on a variety of custom straps. I almost always remove the original in favor of an aftermarket strap that lets me personalize it. I use complementary colors and textures to emphasize details on the dial. Only then, does a watch feel like it is my own. This limited edition watch uses a 23 mm wide watch band. This is a slightly unusual size in the watch world, but it is not uncommon for larger Victorinox Swiss Army watches.