only: Smiths Everest PRS-25 White LNIB

about 2 months ago
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Im selling my 1 month old Smiths Everest in white. Still have 23 months of warranty lol. It looks incredible and less homagy as its black brother. I initially wanted the black version but thought the 36mm is too small so I went for the white version. White dial does make the watch look bigger. Although I usually wear bigger watch, I think it looks fantastic on my 6.5 flat wrist. The fit and finish is amazing for the price and it is very comfortable to wear. The white dial is very crisp and dressy but it goes well with all the nato straps I have (see my other thread).Condition: Excellent condition. See the photos. There are some very minor swirls at the back of the watch (as the case back is mirror like and i usually put the watch down with face up), I tried to capture this with my phone but they only show up in certain light angles.Also it is running within COSC specs on my wrist (YMMV).Im having some seiko fever so this has to go lol. Selling for $500 Paypal and shipped.You can take your chance at ordering a new one from England (please try it to see how hard it is lol) and wait for 3-4weeks and maybe get a lemon or you can buy mine tried and tested. I have references in other places if thats needed.Photos: