Ducati M900 - needs TLC (redux) now in Truckee

almost 4 years ago
Ducati M900 - needs TLC (redux) now in Truckee
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OK, all those that called dibs on this, here is your second chance.
see previous posting
It doesn't look bad in his photo in that listing but this thing was super rough, I almost walked away from it but he held it for me so I felt obligated.
I got this to build an M900 enduro, the front end and wheel swap I was planning will be a nightmare it turns out, so I started to just fix it up to build a nice custom.
When I thought about what direction to go with it, I kept coming back to another M900 I built, to the tee. So what is the point of building another one I just like the one I just sold? there isn't one.
SO I am going to punt on this and restrain myself from further projects for a while.
Current status:
I started going through everything to get it running and make it roadworthy to make sure it worked before tearing it down for cosmetic treatment. Halfway through that is where it sits now.
It cranked and fired on one cylinder when I got it by hooking up gas and a battery to it. Turns out one carb was really gunked up keeping fuel out. Starter clutch is fine and I believe this will be a good runner.
What has been done:
- Carb cleaning and rebuild. There were NASTY (see pics). Ready to bolt on and run BUT I would suggest putting in Factory Pro emulsion tubes as these are a known weakspot on these carbs. (or put on FCR41s)
Also, Mixture screws were broken so I cut off the shroud surrounding them to get them out and put in good ones I had. see photos
- Valve adjustment - ALL 8 (4 openers and 4 closers) were all out of spec. They are now What needs to be done to be running:
- The horizontal roller bolt snapped in the head an hour ago when I was removing it to clean the roller. This is where I am saying F%$K this and selling it as is instead of finishing getting it running and charging more.
- bleed clutch and F brake systems and ensure they are working
- install spare fuel pump I had (the one on there is water contaminated)
- clean out fuel tank and make sure the sender nut is tight per previous owner's issue
- install carbs, some wiring
- install NEW & Included chain and sprockets
- clean and reassemble to your liking.
Other things to know
- I never filled out the title into my name, still signed by PO and we can just hand it off
- Tires are good, but a few years old and the rear is a 180 which rubs
- steering bearings are good and smooth
- fork lowers have a little bit of pitting down low in the stroke but should clean up OK
- Engine is VERY ugly and oxidized, i have cleaned up and painted one this bad, it just takes time.
- Rearsets are also very oxidized, otherwise the running gear is OK.
- carbon F fender and rear license plate holder could use a coat of clear. Carbon stock sidecovers in great shape.
What you get
- everything I got from the PO including manual, seat cowl, new chain and sprockets, other random bits, jet kit parts, 2 oil filters, spare K&N filter, etc
- my big hoarde of M900 parts including a starter, spare carbs, wiring, stock pipes, electronics, rear shock, gauges, body parts, tach, cables, clutch parts, highmount pipes, + lots more.
How much?
I have $1100 into it:
$900 for the bike, + $90 for belts + plugs + 8 shims + various cleaning chemicals not to mention probably over 30 hours of work. But since it isn't running and needs more assembly, I have to give my time away as the new owner is still taking on risk of buying a non running bike.
$1200 and it is all yours as I did a lot of work but also created some work by snapping the roller bolt. Plus I am adding my parts stash.
cash only, no trades, no shipping, yadda yadda. must pick up in Truckee (bring your mountain bike and I'll take you out to make the trip even more worthwhile)
I have a set of Galfer wave rotors and a blingy linear steering damper and mount for an M900 I would throw in for an additional $200.
PM me or email my username at gmail.com
pics below so you know what you are getting into before driving up here.