77 Emmons D10 PP

almost 4 years ago
77 Emmons D10 PP
Pat Moore
Available on
Steel Guitar Forum
Virginia USA

A buddy of mine and I went in and bought this beautiful rosewood mica Emmons PP guitar here on the forum not too long ago. When it arrived, it had 8 and 4, with the inside KL's having a Sho-Bud setup.
We had the knee levers put back to Emmons, added a VKL, new fretboards, pedal bar buffed, and cleaned 'er up, as I was gonna keep it. It's now 8 and 5 Emmons setup with the VKL. This thing has that PP "tone to the bone"!
Then ol' Murphy's law kicked in, and just as I was gonna start playing 'er, I had a few personal issues come up, and now i'm not gonna be able to keep it.
We decided to let 'er go for what we now have in it, just to break even and someone will get a great deal on a REAL NICE guitar.
We have $3500 in the guitar after all the professional work that was done, and will let it go with case for that plus shipping and insurance. She's ready to go right out of the box!
Here's a few pix, and it WILL be available next week.
Thx, Pat
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