1973 Sho -Bud LDG, Lloyd Green, Seat,Pedal,entire set-up

over 1 year ago
Bob Bartoli
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Pennsylvania, USA

Selling my vintage
1973 LDG "round front" in all original finish
immaculate condition ,9.5 guitar with minty original case,
the color is still a beatuifil deep green,rope inlay, the guitar is all original and stock, never altered or fooled with,no holes drilled, no levers added or moved, just like the day it came from the Sho-Bud factory.. basically a living room guitar, in immaculate original condition, 3 pedals, 4 knees, lower on the RkL, typical Sho-Bud setup. also the Sho-Bud seat in near mint condition, and Sho-Bud volume pedal in near mint condition, a chance of a lifetime to
buy the most desirable LDG , with all the goodies as a package set(1st photo). $3950.00 plus shipping (UPS will package guitar )USA shipping only.
e-mail ..lucybobkat@yahoo.com or call 570-829-7908.