Nashville 112

over 3 years ago
Nashville 112
Tommy Boswell
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Steel Guitar Forum
Virginia, USA

Nashville 112 for sale. This amp spent most of it's life in a closet, and came to me in a package deal. It has been used very little, but it did need some routine maintenance. The pots were a little scratchy, but they quieted right down after a few turns. I had to clean the jacks and burnish the contacts, normal procedure for Peavey amps. After that it came back to life, loud and strong, and now it sounds like a new one. All the features work, spring reverb sounds good.
Tolex is in great shape.
Metal corners have a scuff or two, and the plastic top grill has a couple of cracked corners (like all NV112s with any age).
$350 takes it, you pay shipping.
Or if you are in central VA or NC, I might be able to meet you some place.