DTAR Equinox 3 band Parametric EQ / Preamp $150 Free Ship

over 4 years ago
DTAR Equinox 3 band Parametric EQ / Preamp $150 Free Ship
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DTAR (Duncan Turner) 3 Band EQUINOX
First Generation, no xlr output
Power supply included
3 Band Parametric Equalizer Preamp
Allows precise EQ control to correct or enhance very specific tonal problem areas with frequency sweep control, bandwidth control, and boost/cut control
Two independent notch filters Eliminate acoustic feedback
20 dB gain switch Provides instant gain
True bypass switching of non-activated functions
bypass switch removes entire EQ and notch filter sections from signal chain leaving only high impedance, low noise input and buffered output
High quality components
extremely low noise and distortion, audiophile quality sound
" stereo input jack
allows connecting input and output to Solstice on a single, stereo cable
Compact, portable design
an be used as a stand-alone preamp for ultra portable instrument amplification systems
Input Jack: " Stereo, input on tip / output on ring, allows interface with DTAR Solstice (Acoustic Mixer) using a single, stereo cable.
Output Jack: 1/4" Mono x 2
Power Supply: Internal 15V derived from 15VAC external, wall mounted power transformer.
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