Altec 418 8H 15 inch speaker

over 1 year ago
Tommy Boswell
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Steel Guitar Forum
Virginia, USA

Selling my vintage Altec 418 8H speaker.
15 inch, 8 ohms, Alnico magnet, in very good condition.
I bought this two years ago from an eBay electronics business selling several of these, and claimed they were rented out to clubs in the 70s, then pulled in for storage until 2016. I got the best of the lot. When the speaker arrived his story seemed legit, from the good condition of the speaker, the mesh pattern on the gasket (PA cab grill-front mounting), and the antique TV back board he had it bolted to for shipping.
The speaker sounds like it should, clean and clear, with that Altec chime.
The spec sheet shows the 418-8H rated for 150 watts, range from 45-8000 Hz.
Asking $150 plus shipping.
If someone wants a second Altec speaker to run parallel with this one, for a 4-ohm load total, just let me know. I have a 12 inch speaker that was put together by a recone shop using spare Altec parts, vintage frame and alnico magnet, paper cone with aluminum dustcap. It sounds good and matches up well with the 15 inch speaker for volume and frequency range.
I used the 15 and the 12 together in extension cabs wired parallel.

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