Reno 400 in a NV400 cabinet

about 2 years ago
Tommy Boswell
Available on
Steel Guitar Forum
Virginia, USA

Peavey Reno 400 in a down-sized cabinet. The experts tell me the only difference between the Reno chassis and Nashville 400 is input 1, which has high gain for an acoustic instrument with piezo pickup.
Input 2 works great for pedal steel. Amp has same volume pedal patch loop and EQ section as the NV400.
This one has the Fox mod kit (big improvement over factory chips). Speaker is an Eclipse 15 inch taken out of my Evans SE200.
The Eclipse is an 8-ohm speaker, and there's a parallel jack on the back of the cab for plugging in another 8-ohm cabinet. But the Eclipse is very efficient, louder than some 4-ohm speakers.
The cabinet is a very fine Rick Johnson solid pine cab built to Nashville 400 dimensions.
All features work and it sounds as good as it looks.
$350 plus shipping.
(Piezo tweeter array shown in bottom picture is not for sale, but you can get one under $30 if you want to play Gibson flattop sounds amazing through this rig).

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