Emmons PP 8x5 $3250 to your door

almost 4 years ago
Emmons PP 8x5 $3250 to your door
Pat Moore
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Steel Guitar Forum
Virginia USA

Hi Ya'll,
Here's a 1978 black Emmons Push-Pull up for your consideration that I'm helping to sell for a friend. This guitar is not a closet queen,
but if you're a player more into tone and playability, then this is the one you will want to take a second look at. It plays great, looks good, and has that Emmons PP tone to the bone. Comes with a solid case.
Here's a few things about this guitar.
* Original Build 24 July 1978 Gloss Black Mica 8x5 Emmons Guitar
* Standard Emmons setup
* Entire guitar disassembled, cleaned, and rebuilt.
* New Emmons Single Coil Pickup on C6th neck
* Both Emmons Single Coil Pickups measure 18.6 k Ohms
* New Emmons Style Leg Bag
* New Gotoh Vintage-Style Oval Knob Tuners on both keyheads
* New Control Panel 3-way Switch and Pot
* Some hardware upgrades
* All Aluminum buffed and polished
* George L Stainless Steel Strings on both necks
* Both Necks Tuned to Tempered Tuning
_________________Emmons PP D10
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