Various Items for sale:

about 3 years ago
Tony Edwards
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Steel Guitar Forum
South Carolina, USA

1-Ernie Ball Volume Pedal with brand new 500K made in USA pot.
No noise, no scratching.
Excellent for Pedal steel because input and output is on the right side.
(Has velcro on bottom to prevent slipping.)
$70.00 plus $10.00 shipping in lower 48 USA.
2-Ernie Ball tone bars.
Like new.
$15.00 each plus $5.00 shipping in lower 48 USA. (One is still in tube)
1-George-L E-66 17k pickup w/ 8 1/2" lead. $70.00 plus 5.00 shipping in lower 48 USA.
1- George-L 10-1 19k pickup w/ 9" lead.
$70.00 plus $5.00 shipping in lower 48 USA.
1-Potentiometer in a Goodrich bag.
New, but not sure if it is indeed a Goodrich. (See Pics) $40.00 shipped in lower 48 USA.
1-Old Emmons tuning wrench. Has Emmons stamped around it.
Dirty but can be cleaned up. $15.00 shipped in lower 48 USA.
1-Tuning wrench with allen wrench on opposite end.
$10.00 shipped in lower 48 USA.
22-strings of various brands and gauges as listed:
1-.036 (Powerwound SIT)
3-.034 (2 D'Addario and 1 ghs)
3-.030 (2 D'Addario and 1 ghs)
3-.026 (2 D'Addario and 1 ghs)
2-.020 ghs
1-.017 D'Addario
2-.015 (1 D'Addario and 1 ghs
1-.014 ghs
3-.011 Ernie Ball
2-.011 Jagwire
1-.010 Ernie Ball
All strings for $20.00 shipped in lower 48 USA
Would love to sell all as a package deal and ship all together, but will sell separate. Make me an offer I cannot refuse!
First time seller on the forum! I do accept paypal as F/F.