MSA Classic for sale

over 3 years ago
MSA Classic for sale
James Barker
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Steel Guitar Forum
West Virginia, USA

This will likely haunt me later in life but here's my MSA classic for sale. I belive it's a 77. I would have to dig through a lot of emails to be sure, I emailed someone at MSA about 5 years ago when I got the guitar. It has some bar dings and play wear on the edges as you can see. It plays perfect. I like the action on it more than my Sho Bud, it's like butter, I just like the arm pad and relieved weight of my LDG and I don't play any C6 whatsoever. E's on the left. C6 is standard Emmons I believe. Anyone that knows these guitars will tell you how well they were built. It never broke a single string the 5 years I played it (and I'm bad about changing them) and the throws anyways stay in tune when you move it. I'm asking 1600 plus shipping or I'd be willing to drive about 200 miles any way from Huntington WV to meet. Shipping instruments is not my favorite thing. I'm trying to fund getting a guitar built but there are a few things out there that could tempt me to trade like a sd10 with preferably 4x5, good tube amps, and cool 6 strings. Thanks for looking.